Greeley County Health Services introduces Patient Portal Technology

Greeley County Health Services has announced the installation of a new technological program that will help patients access their own personal health information via technology from the privacy of their own home. The InteliChart Patient Portal allows patients to create a username and login so that they can view their health records on an electronic device such as a tablet, a computer, or a smart phone.

The InteliChart Patient Portal technology streamlines the communication process between patients and their providers. Patients will be able to login to their patient portal and access information such as viewing their medication list and instructions and viewing the results from their latest laboratory test.

The Patient Portal is not a substitute for seeing a physician in an office visit setting, but is merely a more convenient way for patients to access their own health information. The Patient Portal is also an easier way for them to stay current with their healthcare provider. For instance, if insurance or other information has changed, patients can simply login to their portal and verify their information.

Other features of the InteliChart PHR include accessing current medication lists, verifying demographic or insurance information, viewing medical summaries, and leaving notes and other communications for the healthcare staff. Additionally, patients can receive alerts such as new medications and appointment reminders as text messages or emails, as they prefer.

“Hopefully the new patient portal technology will allow patients to become more involved in their personal health care by making it more convenient to access their information and communicate through the technology they are already using in their daily lives,” Drew Zerr, Clinic Manager, said.

Helping patients to understand and use this new technology is a goal that GCHS has set and is already working to achieve. Several patients have already been trained in how to utilize their own patient portals from home.

“We want patients to know that we are here to help make their lives easier and to help them fit a better quality of health care into their busy lives. We feel that helping patients use the Patient Portal technology will do just that,” Katy Reynolds, HR and Marketing Director, said.

If you would like to learn more about the Patient Portal technology and how to create your own account to access your health information, please contact the Greeley County Family Practice Clinic by calling 620-376-4251 or by emailing