Community Service Tax Credits Available

Taxes The Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation has been awarded credits for 2013-2014 tax years. As a rural community, the credits are offered at 70% of the contribution.

Community Service Tax Credits are awarded by the Kansas Department of Commerce and offer the contributor an opportunity to positively impact a local project. An individual or business who has an obligation for Kansas State Income taxes may donate to this project. In order to receive a tax credit, an individual or business must contribute at least $250 to the Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation. For example, if you owe the State of Kansas $1,000 you may contribute that amount to the Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation and receive a $700 tax credit certificate. You will send the tax credit and the remaining $300 to the State of Kansas. The entire $1,000 donation is then eligible to be used as a charitable tax deduction on your federal tax returns. A person interested in contributing to this project should consult their tax advisor to understand how these credits may benefit them. The tax credits are available on a first come, first serve basis and are expected to go quickly.

The Healthcare Foundation plans to assist Greeley County Health Services in purchasing a comprehensive communications system which will benefit patients and employees in the Greeley County Hospital, long term care and clinics in Tribune and Sharon Springs.

Contact Chrysanne Grund for information.


Greeley County Health Services is proud to welcome Jenna Cox to their Physical Therapy department. Jenna graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Pre-Physical Therapy. She most recently received her doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center in May of 2013.
Jenna is very familiar with the rural, agricultural way of life. She grew up on a farm outside of Inman, Kansas, where her family farmed, raised ostriches and ran a dairy.
“I have felt right at home since moving out here to western Kansas,” Jenna said.
Jenna met and married Gabe Cox, originally from Weskan, Kansas. After living in Kansas City to finish her schooling, Jenna and Gabe decided to move back to Weskan to be back in a rural community and to be closer to family.
“I love the area that Greeley County Health Services provides services to. I have always had a love for small, rural farming communities,” Jenna said.
Jenna has had the opportunity through her schooling to work with patients in several different settings involving physical therapy clinics, hospitals, and long term care facilities.
“All of these experiences have grown my passion to help patients function to the best of their ability as a physical therapist,” Jenna said.
According to Jenna, her main goal as a new physical therapist is to provide quality and compassionate care to people in the community and surrounding communities. She had been talking with GCHS administrators about the possibility of joining the GCHS team since the beginning of 2013 and decided she wanted to come to Greeley County Health Services in early March.
“I wanted to be part of a team of healthcare providers who work to provide the best possible care for their patients in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and that is what I saw in GCHS,” Jenna said.
Greeley County Health Services now employs two full-time physical therapists; Jenna will be joining veteran P.T., Brian Miller, in providing more physical therapy services to the Greeley, Wallace, and surrounding counties.
“We are thrilled to have Jenna Cox join our team. She brings a new excitement to our Physical Therapy department. We hope to utilize her skills both here in the Greeley County hospital and at Wallace County,” Debbi Lehner, CEO, said.

Influenza information and facts

What is influenza (also called flu)?

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu vaccine each year.


Patient Care Coordination Services


We know that it can be difficult to manage multiple appointments, travel arrangements and time away from work when you are scheduling with out of town healthcare providers. We’re here to help. Greeley County Health Services is pleased to introduce Patient Care Coordination Services.

Designed to help our patients navigate difficult healthcare issues, this program will offer chronically and seriously ill patients a resource for coordination assistance and understanding the exchange of your healthcare information. This program is staffed by Burlay Parks, R.N. who can meet with patients and their families as you work with your primary care provider and outreach providers to seek care for health concerns.
Burlay will be available several days a week in each clinic location. Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment with Burlay or ask your healthcare provider if you would benefit from these services. This program is made possible through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Chrysanne Grund, Project Director says, “We are so pleased to be able to offer additional support for our patients who are working through difficult health issues, travel schedules, work and family.”

Student Blog

Hello!  Select “Student” from the categories on the right to visit our “student blog” and see the latest from our student observers.  Greeley County Health Services regularly hosts students from many careers paths including medical students in their 3rd and 4th years of medical school at the University of Kansas and other medical programs.  We also work with physician assistants, nurse practitioner, nursing and allied health students.  GCHS is also interested in hosting high school students who may have an interest in a medical or allied health field and can provide shadowing opportunities to gain valuable experience towards their prospective careers.


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Honors Chrysanne Grund

Greeley County Health Services is pleased to recognize Chrysanne Grund as a 2011 Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leader.  Chrysanne is a long time GCHS employee, working in both the clinics and hospital for the last eighteen years in Wallace and Greeley Counties.  She was chosen from more than four hundred nominees to be one of ten leaders recognized this year.  Community Health Leaders are recognized for their dedication and service relating to health concerns within their communities and regions.

Debbi Lehner, GCHS CEO says, “Greeley County Health Services is so fortunate to have someone like Chrysanne as our advocate and the “teller” of our story.  Her passion for our ability to provide quality healthcare in the rural setting is only overshadowed by her respect for the individuals who provide it.  Not a person on our entire healthcare team fails to recognize the value of her distinct contribution to not only our sustainability, but to our true success.  We are truly grateful to her and proud of this wonderful, well-deserved recognition.”


GCHS awarded Rural HIT Network Development Grant

Greeley County Health Services is pleased to announce the receipt of funding through Health Resources Services Administration for a Rural Health Information Technology Network Development Grant. This grant will enable GCHS and community based partners to create a comprehensive electronic network for health information exchange in our rural communities. Debbi Lehner, Greeley County Health Services CEO commented, ““This is very exciting news for our community and our organization. The ability to electronically link to the other local health agencies will give truly seamless care to our patients.”


Spanish for Medical Professionals

GCHS health professionals have a unique opportunity to access Spanish translation training in Tribune with CEU’s for those participating. The cost is $125 for those registering before June 10th and $135 after that time. Class time is from 8:00am to 2:30 mountain time with a 30 minute brown bag lunch time reserved.


Thank You!

Thank you for your overwhelming support of healthcare in Greeley County.  We will continue to strive to make Greeley County Health Services a model healthcare facility that serves your needs.