Community Service Tax Credits Available

Taxes The Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation has been awarded credits for 2013-2014 tax years. As a rural community, the credits are offered at 70% of the contribution.

Community Service Tax Credits are awarded by the Kansas Department of Commerce and offer the contributor an opportunity to positively impact a local project. An individual or business who has an obligation for Kansas State Income taxes may donate to this project. In order to receive a tax credit, an individual or business must contribute at least $250 to the Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation. For example, if you owe the State of Kansas $1,000 you may contribute that amount to the Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation and receive a $700 tax credit certificate. You will send the tax credit and the remaining $300 to the State of Kansas. The entire $1,000 donation is then eligible to be used as a charitable tax deduction on your federal tax returns. A person interested in contributing to this project should consult their tax advisor to understand how these credits may benefit them. The tax credits are available on a first come, first serve basis and are expected to go quickly.

The Healthcare Foundation plans to assist Greeley County Health Services in purchasing a comprehensive communications system which will benefit patients and employees in the Greeley County Hospital, long term care and clinics in Tribune and Sharon Springs.

Contact Chrysanne Grund for information.

Whole grains fight colon cancer, bushels fund the fight

grainflyerLocal grain elevators help GCHS raise bushels to fund new Endoscopy equipment

Greeley County Health Services is currently in need of a new Endoscopy system, which includes equipment to perform colonoscopies and detect colon cancer.

Local grain elevators, Tribune Grain and United Plains Ag, have decided to join with GCHS and allow farmers to donate grain towards a fund that will support a new scope to perform colonoscopies.


Handbag and Accessories Fundraiser

Proceeds to support purchase of new Endoscopy equipment

Tuesday, May 8th: Hospital Lobby 6:00PM-8:00PM
Wednesday, May 9th: Hospital Lobby 11:00AM-5:00PM
Friday, May 11th: Clinic Waiting Room 1:30PM-5:00PM
Saturday, May 12th: GC Health Services Main Street Bldg. 9AM-2PM