Advice from a Medical Student

Hello students, My name is John LeCluyse, and I am a fourth year medical student who just finished a month-long rotation working with Dr. Ellis in Tribune.  I wanted to give you guys a write-up of some general information and advice about college and careers in healthcare. My background is that I grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, went to the University of Notre Dame for undergrad, and will graduate from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in the spring. I plan on doing an Internal Medicine residency and then pursuing Cardiology as a career.


Thank You, from Adam Zuzelski

First and foremost, I would like to thank Dr. Ellis, Dr. Scheffe, and all the providers at Greeley County Health Services for letting me shadow and gain a vast amount of knowledge from them. I also appreciate the opportunity of getting involved in grant work that will help Greeley County Hospital become PCMH certified. But most of all, I take extreme pleasure in being in such an incredible social atmosphere. After spending a few months here in Greeley County, it will be hard to appreciate the medical experiences I receive anywhere else. It is especially enlightening for me wanting to practice rural medicine and knowing that there are outstanding medical practices, such as this one, in the state of Kansas.

Rebecca Martin, KU School of Medicine

I spent a six week rural summer rotation between my first and second years of medical school in Tribune, KS. Although I hadn’t completed my didactic learning yet, this ultimately worked to my advantage, because the physicians, mid-level providers, and nursing staff became my personal teachers. I’m headed back to school with the irreplaceable gift of clinical experience and quality knowledge.


Craig Shipley - Tribune is a Great Environment for Students

I recently completed a three week rotation at the Greeley County Health Clinic. I chose a rural rotation this semester to get a more rounded clinical experience as my previous rotations in Kansas City have all had a focus on chronic illness. I would like to report that my experience in Tribune was fantastic and my educational goals for this rotation were all met!


Michael Patch, KU School of Medicine

I will admit, I’d never heard of Tribune, Kansas until I was assigned here for my required rural rotation.  Since I was born and raised in a relatively big city I had my hesitations about coming out here, especially after hearing the town only has one stop light and all the stores close by.  With that said I did come with an open mind, willing to explore and discover what it meant to live in a small town.  Right away I noticed the amazing hospitality.  In the city, you definitely don’t see every car that drives by wave to you.  I’d heard the words “if there is anything you need let me know” before but never have I seen such follow through.  I quickly learned the theme of the town was to do whatever you can to help each other.


Kari Cox, PA

My name is Kari Cox, and I am a Physician Assistant student from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska.  My husband grew up in Weskan, KS so that brought me here to do a rotation.  I am in my last 3 months of school.  I have had 13 months of didactics followed by 12 months of clinical rotations before coming to western Kansas.  Most of my clinical experiences were in Omaha.  They included specialty rotations that focused on specific areas of medicine such as pulmonolgy, pediatrics, geriatrics, general and orthopedic surgery, obstetrics, and emergency medicine.  I had two other rural experiences in Nebraska for one month each.