GCHS thanks 2014 donors and highlights giving opportunities

Greeley County Health Services would like to thank all of the generous donors that contributed to purchasing equipment, repairs and other generous giving to our community’s hospital this last year. We would like to recap a great year of giving from many of our community members.

Several community members joined with the Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation during 2014 to give charitable contributions towards two hospital beds, a brand new Dexa Scan machine,  two new ice machines for dietary and Long Term Care, a waffle-maker for LTC,  a steam table for the Long Term Care, a Nu-Step machine for Physical Therapy and other physical therapy equipment that was much needed.

“We would like to sincerely thank the donors who have contributed to fund equipment that was needed and has enhanced the service we provide to our patients and long-term care residents. The community support we receive is a greatly appreciated and is a wonderful gift to GCHS,” Lee Rhodes, CEO said.

The Greeley-Wallace County Foundation works with residents from the neighboring communities to build awareness for the needs that the hospital, clinics and Long Term Care have in order to provide quality healthcare to both Greeley and Wallace County. The Healthcare Foundation is a 501 c 3 organization and donations to the Foundation may be tax deductible.

“The Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation was formed to benefit the healthcare systems in both communities.  We were very pleased to host the successful community service tax credit program in 2013 which provided a new telephone system for the hospital, both clinics and long term care facility.  We are also very grateful for a number of contributions to our Legacy Society fund to build a permanent long term endowment and private donations which have helped to improve or replace equipment for several departments in Greeley County Health Services,” Chrysanne Grund said, “We tremendously appreciate the support of our community and patrons.”

GCHS would like to extend the opportunity for community members to continue to support their local hospital through tax-deductible giving at this year’s end. GCHS has established a list of equipment and updates that are needed to keep our hospital functioning properly:

  • Replace the walk-in freezer for Dietary
  • Replace the C-Arm in Radiology
  • Replace an old washer and dryer for Hospital and LTC laundry
  • Replace the Zoll Debribillator in the Hospital
  • Replace 9 hospital beds
  • Replace the convection oven for Dietary
  • A sprinkler system for the Clinics

Greeley County Health Services strives to operate efficiently and to use capital equipment wisely. The capital items on the list are much needed due to old age and usage over the years. As GCHS works on the 2015 budget, capital remains a high priority for replacing outdated and inefficient equipment.

“Greeley County Health Services’ vision is to provide trusted care, close to home. GCHS is dedicated to accomplishing this vision, and is thankful that to partner with our generous community in achieving this purpose and providing quality care to our patients,” Katy Reynolds, Marketing Director said.

If you are interested in giving towards capital equipment updates or would like more information on other giving options this year, please contact Chrysanne Grund,Greeley-Wallace County Foundation Secretary/Treasurer at 785-821-1104.

Holidays for the Caregiver by Shauna Foster

Are you exhausted from being up all night with your wandering parent or are you in a tizzy since  being up at dawn for Grandma to catch the school bus because she thinks she is 15 again. Do you have a young child in pain that longs to be held and a boat load of dirty laundry waiting to be done? Have you been neglecting yourself so that you can care for someone you love?
Our vision of a Hallmark Christmas is not always the reality of what we may be facing as a caregiver during the Holiday Season. How will all the gifts become beautifully wrapped, the table wonderfully set, and the feast of all feasts be prepared?
I hope the following tips will be helpful to you so that you and your loved one can both enjoy this special time of year.
Pick a tradition – Families usually have many traditions through the years but this year you might need to just pick 1 or 2 that you truly enjoy.
Smaller gatherings – Many people with dementia become overwhelmed with larger groups of people and a large amount of noise can confuse them even more.
You could try hosting finger foods and desserts Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, while having another group of family over on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day with a potluck type dinner.
Ask for help – This is a huge barrier to many caregivers that want to do it all but just don’t have the time and resources. Family and friends will be happy to help in many different ways. Perhaps sitting with your loved one while you shop for a couple of hours. Have someone come eat lunch with your loved one while you go into the other room to wrap presents. If the weather permits you might have your loved one go for a car ride while you rest or nap for an hour. Talk to your local nursing home about care for your loved one some morning, afternoon, or all day.
Inform family and friends – Let people that are coming to your home know how your mutually loved one is doing and how much they can tolerate.
Gift giving – Feel okay with telling family and friends that your loved one needs soft, easy to put on and take off clothing, slippers, or velcro shoes, soft blankets, bird feeders, and CD’s of their favorite music.
Make new memories – As we all age and life’s circumstances change our surroundings be open to making new memories. In the future you may hear, “do you remember when we went to Aunt Joy’s house to see Grandpa in 2014, it was the best time ever”!
Above all that you already do and try to do, please take care of yourself so you can continue to be the “sunshine” in your special loved one’s day.

Patient Financial Assistance Application

Attached to this post is the Greeley County Health Services Patient Financial Assistance Application. Please complete and return to:

PO Box 640
Tribune, Kansas 67879
Fax: (620) 376-2800


Financial Assistance Application-Current Oct 2014

Greeley County Health Services Is Preparing to Respond in the Event of Ebola

Greeley County Health Services has been working with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the public health system in Greeley and Wallace Counties to quickly and effectively respond in the event of a case of Ebola in Tribune or Sharon Springs.  Kansas has not had any confirmed cases of Ebola at this time.

“GCHS has worked to be informed and stay up-to-date on all news and information regarding the Ebola condition. We have in-house employees devoted to becoming the Ebola ‘experts’ for our organization. We are taking the necessary steps to be prepared and help our employees and community understand and be prepared should anything ever happen,” Lee Rhodes, CEO, said.


Greeley County Health Services announces permanent CEO

GCHS is pleased to announce that Lee Rhodes has officially accepted the permanent Chief Executive Officer role for Greeley County Health Services.

Steve Mangan, Hospital Board Chairperson, announced to the GCHS management team on August 12th that the search for the permanent CEO would be ending, as Lee Rhodes had officially agreed to step into the permanent role.

“We’re very fortunate to be able to attract someone with as much knowledge, background and experience that Lee has to bring to our healthcare system,” Steve Mangan said.


Greeley County Long Term Care to host 1st annual Aging Expo

Greeley County Long Term Care is planning to host the first annual Aging Expo on October 4th at the Greeley County 4-H Community Building. The Aging Expo will  feature an exhibition hall with different booths and vendors offering information on the aging process, as well as presentations scheduled throughout the day on different topics related to the aging process.

“We hope that this Aging Expo will be an opportunity for people of the community to come and learn about the aging process. Our goal is for attendees to walk away informed about the aging process and the transition of moving into a nursing home,” Amy Baehler, DON said.


Dr. Frankum, General Surgeon and the GCHS Operating Room nursing staff work closely together to bring quality, trusted care to our patients.

Dr. Frankum, General Surgeon and the GCHS Operating Room nursing staff work closely together to bring quality, trusted care to our patients. Dr. Frankum comes from Denver, Colorado on the first and third Thursdays of every month to provide the following specialty procedures here in Tribune: Colonoscopies, Hernia Repairs, EGD’s, LapCholes, Appendixes, Port-A-Cath Removals and Placements, Central Lines, Hemorrhoidectomies, Hemorrhoid Banding, Lipoma Removals, and several other procedures.