Craig Shipley - Tribune is a Great Environment for Students


I recently completed a three week rotation at the Greeley County Health Clinic. I chose a rural rotation this semester to get a more rounded clinical experience as my previous rotations in Kansas City have all had a focus on chronic illness. I would like to report that my experience in Tribune was fantastic and my educational goals for this rotation were all met!

Dr. Farenholtz was very accommodating and demonstrated unlimited patience with his teaching. He is a terrific physician. Kathy B. NP, was great to work with and went out of her way to get me certain clinical experiences that I was lacking. Dr. Scheffe is also very kind and I was appreciative of her guidance during my time with her. The nurses and support staff in both the hospital and the clinic setting were responsive and capable.

However, the people with whom I’m most thankful and appreciative are the people of Tribune. Not a single time did I see an eye roll or sense irritation or frustration when I walked in and introduced myself as a student. Everyone was accomodating, even when I could see they felt miserable there was always a smile and a sincere interest in asking where I was from and how my stay in Tribune was going. Simply amazing people. Thanks to all of you in Tribune for making my clinical rotation such a success. By the way, in coming to Tribune… My wife who is a farm girl from Iowa and who frequently reminds me that I’m a “city boy” thought it would be great for me to spend time with “real” people. How right she was!

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