Dr. Moser Appointed Head of KDHE


Greeley County Health Services is pleased to congratulate Dr. Robert Moser who was recently named as Secretary of Health for the state of Kansas by Governor Elect Sam Brownback.  Dr. Moser has most recently served as the director of rural health and outreach for the University of Kansas.  Prior to that, Dr. Moser was the chief of staff at Greeley County Health Services for more than twenty years.  Dr. Moser’s experience in rural and primary health care will be a valuable asset to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Dr. Moser credits this opportunity to his community and colleagues.  “I know I wouldn’t have the opportunities I’ve enjoyed without the great support of my communities and the medical system staff.”

In the last two decades, Greeley County Health Systems has grown to include a network of clinics in three counties in Western Kansas.  With progressive physicians and quality primary care, this system also features a comprehensive approach to medical care with patient financial and social support services, career ladder programs for staff members and staff leadership roles in rural health advocacy.

Our congratulations to Dr. Robert Moser and his family for this new opportunity to improve the health of Kansans.

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