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  • To enhance the quality of healthcare for the residents of Greeley and Wallace Counties, primarily through the support of the providers, facilities and programs in both counties associated with Greeley County Health Services.
  • To support the healthcare activities of additional agencies and groups in Greeley and Wallace Counties and the surrounding areas.

    The Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation was formed in 2001, as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, to support the healthcare needs of the residents of Greeley and Wallace Counties and surrounding areas.  In the last eleven years, the Foundation has supported healthcare career scholarships, construction of a new clinic in Sharon Springs, a bi-annual cancer support fundraiser, and other benefits for equipment and program needs.

    The Healthcare Foundation models the spirit of the “patient first” concepts of Greeley County Health Services.  We hope to bring support to the many dedicated employees who support our patients through countless acts of service.

    Healthcare has become a complex business with countless rules, regulations and requirements.  The recent passage of the Affordable Care Act will bring another round of changes to an already complicated environment.  We don’t know everything in store for us over the next several years but we do know one thing that will remain – our concern for our patients and our willingness to care for them.

    The Healthcare Foundation has begun this campaign to take a more proactive role in ensuring that our health system will have the resources it needs to care for our residents.  The Foundation was created to serve the needs of our clinicans and staff, and to support our services.  We believe that we have a unique opportunity to work with interested individuals to create a permanent endowment to help meet future needs.    Many health systems around us have been at work improving their resources and facilities, and in order to remain viable and competitive, we must do the same. We’re calling our work, Keeping Trusted Care, Close to Home.  Modeled after the new motto for our health system, we believe this effort embodies our commitment and our promise to be here now and in the future.

    The Healthcare Foundation has prioritized two specific areas of giving for this campaign:  equipment and unrestricted use.

    In the constantly changing world of healthcare, the funding of equipment will always be a concern.  The Foundation understands and accepts this challenge.  To deal with current and future needs the Foundation has established the Greeley County Health Services Equipment Fund to help meet present demands along with an endowed equipment fund to help address the upcoming needs of the future.  This is all about providing the staff and facilities within Greeley County Health Services access to adequate equipment to care for our patients.  In addition to our important patient relationships, healthcare is dependent on equipment and technology to provide quality service.

    Unrestricted gifts allow the funds to be used in the area of most immediate need.  There are many opportunities within our current areas of giving such as healthcare career scholarshipsclinician recruiting, and support of the Victory Walk fund.  There are additional areas we would like to explore such as program support for healthy lifestyle initiatives and expanding health career scholarships and incentive plans to name just a few.    While we do know what our needs are today, it is difficult to ascertain the specific needs of the future.  We would like to create an environment where our future leaders can make decisions based on the current needs at that time.

    Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation board members are committed to this effort.  They are joined in this commitment by the Greeley County Health Services board members.  All board members from each organization have made financial commitments to the Keeping Trusted Care, Close to Home campaign.

    Our goal is to build an endowment through current and planned gifts while continuing to seek funding to address immediate ongoing needs.  It creates a future, sustainabile funding source for our health system.  We wish to continue, and enhance, the high quality of life we have in our rural communities.  A rural health system is critically important to that future.  We plan to acknowledge our donors through the creation of a Legacy Society recognition program.

    Participation in the Healthcare Foundation Legacy Society is really quite simple.  We are seeking cash, planned gifts or bequests identified specifically for the Foundation’s endowment.  An endowment is a permanent fund created to help meet the goals of a charitable organization.  The principal of the fund remains intact over time and the interest or investment proceeds create a source of income for the Foundation.

    Legacy Society Members have gifted or pledged amounts of $5,000 or greater and have informed the Foundation of their wish to be included in the Society.    Society members will be recognized in a permanent donor recognition display.   If the Donor so wishes, they may remain anonymous.

    Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation
    Legacy Society Members

    • Charles and Verna Harris
    • Erma John
    • Duane and Susan Schneider
    • Art and Eunice Mai
    • Jerry and Chrysanne Grund
    • Dr. Randy and Janice Fahrenholtz
    • Debbi and Mark Lehner
    • Dr. Willard and Mrs. Wilda Werner
    • John and Elaine Welsh
    • William and Janice Klein
    • Dean and Mildred Schemm
    • Orie and Verna Ritter Trust
    • Chris and Kellee Dixon

    Board Members:

    President: Janice Fahrenholtz
    Secretary / Treasurer: Chrysanne Grund
    Jeri Farmer-Smith
    Chris Dixon
    Jan Walker
    Beth Aeschiliman

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