GCHS awarded Rural HIT Network Development Grant


Greeley County Health Services is pleased to announce the receipt of funding through Health Resources Services Administration for a Rural Health Information Technology Network Development Grant. This grant will enable GCHS and community based partners to create a comprehensive electronic network for health information exchange in our rural communities. Debbi Lehner, Greeley County Health Services CEO commented, ““This is very exciting news for our community and our organization. The ability to electronically link to the other local health agencies will give truly seamless care to our patients.”

This network effort entitled the Western Kansas Frontier Information Network has the stated vision, to work together to improve the health of our residents and our communities through a continuous network of healthcare providers with information systems and the flexibility to adapt to the ever changing healthcare environment. Network Members will continue their roles as rural healthcare leaders in the region and the state in an effort to share our experience with other rural health systems.

“This grant will provide us with the unique opportunity to utilize our experience in health information systems development to create a truly functional medical home,” says Chrysanne Grund, Greeley County Health Services Project Director. “Our goal remains, as always, to provide excellent patient care. This project will enhance those efforts through improved technology resources.”

The three year grant was the only project of this kind to have been awarded in the state of Kansas and will include rural health clinics, a long term care facility, a critical access hospital, a local health department, volunteer emergency medical technicians and pharmacy with expanded reach in years two and three.

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