GCHS Bids Dr. Liu Adieu, Looks Forward


Dear Greeley County Family,

Below you will find a lovely letter from Dr Liu announcing her upcoming departure from our organization in late July. It is a heartfelt testament to our fabulous healthcare community. I certainly wish her the best.

While we truly regret her leaving, we also look forward to our future. We are actively recruiting and have several opportunities in the works with site visits in the next couple of months. We will make every effort possible to keep our processes seamless to the community while are seeking to fill her provider spot.

Please wish Dr. Liu best wishes during her last few weeks with us.

Thank you so very much!!

Debbi Lehner, CEO

In her own words…

To the Greeley County Health Services Family:

With bittersweet emotions, I would like to announce that my family and I will be relocating to Portland, Oregon later this summer, so that I may take a teaching position in an academic family medicine department. While we are excited for the new opportunities this change brings, we are also sad to leave such a wonderful community behind, and grateful for the love and support we have found during our four years in Tribune.

My time at Greeley County Health Services has been immeasurably valuable, as it has allowed me to gain clinical and leadership experiences I could not have obtained anywhere else. I have been proud to go before statewide and national audiences and announce that I practice medicine in Tribune, KS. It has been my joy to mentor the medical students who come here, and watch them not only gain medical knowledge, but also begin to understand the unique nature of practice in such a tight-knit rural community.

I cannot say enough about the exceptional physicians whom it has been my privilege to call partners for the last four years. They have mentored me, supported me, comforted me and taught me. Although it is obvious that my departure will place extra work on their shoulders, they have all been unfailingly and sincerely positive and encouraging as I follow my heart into a teaching and research career. Words are insufficient to express my esteem for this outstanding group of doctors. As they work tirelessly to continue delivering the best-quality patient care in a changing environment, I hope you will all express your thanks and appreciation to them on a regular basis. It really does mean a lot.

No matter how wonderful the doctors are, a health care system is nothing without its staff. I have never failed to be impressed by the quality and the caring of our hospital staff in every department. Because Greeley County has chosen to foster a culture where the needs of the patient come before all other interests, we know that we are all on the same team and working toward a common goal. I must give special mention to the hospital nurses and the clinic staff, who have perhaps seen the worst of me when fatigue and/or frustration have made me grouchy and disrespectful. I ask them to forgive me, and know that I hold them in the highest regard.

Finally, and most importantly, I offer my thanks and my love to every patient who has blessed me with your profound trust. I have been honored to play a small part in your life stories, and there are many that I will never ever forget. I regret that pursuing my dreams means leaving you behind, and I hope that you will understand.

With deep, sincere gratitude,

Robyn Liu, MD

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