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Greeley County Health Services welcomes new practitioner in the health coach role

Greeley County Health Services is pleased to welcome their newest practitioner, Kieran Phelan, Physician Assistant, to the health care team. Kieran joins Greeley County Health Services in the newest clinician role as the Health Coach. Kieran graduated from Wichita State University with her Physician Assistant degree in May of 2016. She received her Bachelors of Science and Life Science and Gerontology from Kansas State University.

“I am excited to work in the Health Coach role and help in finding an efficient way to keep track of patients with chronic health problems and help them navigate the healthcare system in a rural area where there are less specialties available,” Kieran said.

The Health Coach is a new role that was made possible by a new grant received from Health Resources Services Administration for the Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Grant. This three year grant is designed to redesign the office visit for chronic medical conditions and to improve health outcomes with improved communication, patient resources and education. The Health Coach position is integral to the grant and improvement effort.

“We are so pleased to begin this project with Kieran. She is going to be a great asset to our work because of her compassion for patient care, training in primary care medicine, and experience in small, rural communities,” says Chrysanne Grund, GCHS Project Director. “We believe we can bring improved resources to our patients through this program.”

Kieran grew up in Holyrood, Kansas, which is a very rural community, so moving back to a small town to start her career was very important to Kieran, “I wanted to stay in a rural town to provide healthcare. I visited western Kansas many times and always loved the towns and the pace of life,” she said.

Kieran officially started in the role on November 1st and has only been in Tribune for a few weeks, but says getting involved in the community is something she is looking forward to most, “Getting to meet people in the community through my practice and become a part of the community myself is what I am most excited about starting out in this position,” she said, “I have felt very welcomed. All the people are very kind and welcoming. The towns remind me a lot of Holyrood, so even early on, it’s feeling like home.”

During her undergraduate work, Kieran worked in an orthopedic clinic, giving her experience in a clinic setting and interacting with patients in a fast-paced environment. Working with people is what Kieran enjoys best, and she says that she has always been interested in chronic disease and how to best treat those diseases, so she feels well-suited to work in the Health Coach role alongside Dr. Ellis.

“Kieran has been a great addition to our staff. She brings strong clinical knowledge and real compassion for patient care,” Dr. Ellis said.

In her spare time, Kieran likes traveling, reading, and watching sports.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 133 million Americans—45% of the total population have at least one chronic condition. Greeley County Health Services understands the increasing patient population that suffers from chronic conditions and hopes to utilize the new Health Coach position to improve the way that health care is delivered to chronically ill patients. According to GCHS, Kieran will be a great fit for such an important role.

“My goal is to be the most competent provider that I can be and be able to help people in their time of need,” Kieran said.

For more information regarding the Health Coach program, please contact Chrysanne Grund, Project Director, at 620-376-4221 or email at cgrund@mygchs.com.

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