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Development for Collaborative Rural Health Website

Date:  November 16, 2017

Greeley County Health Services, a grantee through Health Resources Services Administration seeks proposals for the development of an interactive website.  The goals for the website are to 1) Provide a platform for sharing and learning among various rural health organizations, 2) Create a positive representation for rural health care industry problem solving and innovation, and 3) allow organizations to network to better serve their patients and communities.

Greeley County Health Services (GCHS) has received federal grant funding to develop a website.  Due to the nature of funding, we will request no fewer than three proposals from interested organizations to achieve the design and user objectives for the website.  The final deadline to accept proposals will be December 31st, 2017.  Website hosting may be included in the final proposal by the development organization or suggested from another outside vendor.

The basic platform for the website should feature a design that allows the GCHS organization to manage the flow of information to and from the website.  We want to provide an opportunity for different health organizations or people interested in healthcare to upload and download information.  We wish to feature different areas of healthcare development such as Patient Education, Healthy Meal Planning / Dietetic information, Care Coordination, Policies and Procedures, etc which would allow the user to evaluate different programs or information and then download items as needed. The GCHS webmaster will need complete editorial control and the ability to remove submissions that are inappropriate. We would also want to track the utilization of each of the different areas of the website.

Website Design elements should include:

  • Modern, appealing header with website name consistent with url
  • A “front page” area to feature a different design or educational element submitted by a site user – to be selected and featured by the webmaster
  • Notifications to no fewer than two GCHS users when a new submission has been uploaded to the website
  • Separate pages to highlight different areas of information
  • A user registration which would allow interested users to be notified when there is a change or addition to an area of interest for them. Example – Chrysanne is interested in patient education, care coordination and activity and exercise.
  • Users must register before accessing the “resources” section of the website
  • The ability for the webmaster to re-task or move submitted items to a correct location. Example – a photo is uploaded to care coordination strategies that needs to be in patient education.
  • The capacity to add sponsors or advertisers at some future point in time.
  • Upload submissions would require that the person uploading would include their name and contact information, a short description of the item and an assurance that the information does not have a copy right
  • A list serv which would allow participants to post and answer questions.
  • We should have the ability to provide links to social media platforms created by this organization to Facebook, twitter, etc.

The following websites are examples of the style and format requested with this RFP.





Please contact Chrysanne Grund, GCHS Project Director with any questions you may have at cgrund@mygchs.com, 785-821-1104.

Please send your proposal via email.

Click the following link for a PDF version of this RFP: Website RFP

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