Kari Cox, PA


My name is Kari Cox, and I am a Physician Assistant student from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska.  My husband grew up in Weskan, KS so that brought me here to do a rotation.  I am in my last 3 months of school.  I have had 13 months of didactics followed by 12 months of clinical rotations before coming to western Kansas.  Most of my clinical experiences were in Omaha.  They included specialty rotations that focused on specific areas of medicine such as pulmonolgy, pediatrics, geriatrics, general and orthopedic surgery, obstetrics, and emergency medicine.  I had two other rural experiences in Nebraska for one month each.

I have really enjoyed the rural setting, and my husband and I plan to make this area our home.  This is been one of the most beneficial rotations I have had in my training.  I have had the opportunity to perform many procedures and participate in many new experiences.  Students rotating here are given a lot of autonomy by the providers. I have really enjoyed the staff, all of whom is very willing to help and teach as needed. I look forward to be able to provide care to the hard working and genuine people of these rural communities.

Greeley County Health Services would like to recognize Kari for her hard work and accomplishments.  Congratulations on your graduation Kari!!

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