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Our staff find many unique ways to apply their skills to help others, both in our community and beyond.  We know that GCHS is lucky to have such a skilled and compassionate team. On this page, we will post some examples of medically-oriented mission work performed by our providers.


Kari Cox – Haiti

Beau and I had the opportunity to work on a medical team in Haiti for a week.  We flew into the capital of Port-au-Prince and then took a 4 hour bus ride over the mountains to the southern coast to the city of Jacmel.  We were part of a team of 32 people consisting of physicians, PAs, a physical therapist, a pharmacist, nurses, medical students. and pastors. We set up a clinic there in a church and worked Monday through Thursday providing medical evaluations and treatment, physical therapy, medications, dental care and eye evaluations/glasses.  I worked in the medical clinic seeing about 30 patients per day ranging from babies to the elderly.  I mainly saw women and children.  There were a lot routine complaints just like we have here, but these people do not even have Tylenol to treat their headaches or common aches and pains.  We were able to dispense a lot of tylenol, ibuprofen, multivitamins and antibiotics to those who needed it.


Beau worked in the eye glass clinic.  He was considered part of the “logistics” group.  When he heard he was set up to work in the eye clinic he was kind of bummed at first.  He expected it to be in a back room somewhere away from all the people.  God came through in a big way for him though and he absolutely loved working with the people fitting them for reading glasses all week.  He got to give out a ton of sunglasses too, which the kids just absolutely loved.


We both had the chance to pray with every patient we saw and witness to them.  We had such an amazing experience watching God move through these people.  Many of the people we saw were Christians, but those who had not accepted Christ were willing to listen to us share the gospel.  As a group we had 237 salvations during both the medical clinic and the crusades that were held each evening.  We saw a total of 1550 people and gave out over 4000 prescriptions and other supplies/toiletries. The biggest thing we came away with was how grateful and thankful the people of Haiti are for what they have, even though compared to what we have is so small. We fell in love with the people and the culture so much that we have started the process of adopting 2 children from Haiti.


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