Michael Patch, KU School of Medicine


I will admit, I’d never heard of Tribune, Kansas until I was assigned here for my required rural rotation.  Since I was born and raised in a relatively big city I had my hesitations about coming out here, especially after hearing the town only has one stop light and all the stores close by.  With that said I did come with an open mind, willing to explore and discover what it meant to live in a small town.  Right away I noticed the amazing hospitality.  In the city, you definitely don’t see every car that drives by wave to you.  I’d heard the words “if there is anything you need let me know” before but never have I seen such follow through.  I quickly learned the theme of the town was to do whatever you can to help each other.

My experiences in the hospital and various clinics exceeded my expectations as well.  Never did I feel like I was in the way, as I have at times during previous rotations.  The doctors always took time to make sure I was getting the most out of an encounter, along with giving me more responsibility than I had been accustomed to.  I actually felt like I was in charge of the care of a patient.  The auxiliary staff at each location was more than helpful.  They would take care of anything and everything I needed without hesitation, and would even smile while doing it, well, for the majority of time anyways.

Not all of my time spent here was school related.  From taking a ride in Dr. Fahrenholtz’s plane to the amazing dinners cooked by Dr. Ellis’s wife, the town makes sure to welcome you as one of their own.  All in all I would sum up my experience in Tribune as enlightening.  I learned a great deal about what it means to live and work in a small town.  I am grateful for this opportunity.  Thank you for accepting me into your community and helping me make the most of my time in Tribune.

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