Rebecca Martin, KU School of Medicine


I spent a six week rural summer rotation between my first and second years of medical school in Tribune, KS. Although I hadn’t completed my didactic learning yet, this ultimately worked to my advantage, because the physicians, mid-level providers, and nursing staff became my personal teachers. I’m headed back to school with the irreplaceable gift of clinical experience and quality knowledge.

My educational experience was wonderful, but I think the people of Greeley County truly made this an incredible experience.  Although I have a personal connection to Tribune (a college roommate’s father-in-law – just one example of the connections in rural Kansas!), I found each and every person in Tribune to be more than welcoming. From airplane trips, family dinners, and Bible studies to unexpected car repairs, every individual went out of his way to make me feel at home. Growing up in a mid-size town prepared me for the rural clinic and hospital, but absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the open hearts I found in Tribune. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to learn from Greeley County Health Services.

Rebecca Martin – Rebecca J. Martin
The University of Kansas School of Medicine

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