Waffle Mania Wednesday


Come join us on Wednesday, December 4th from 7-9 am at the Long Term Care for our first monthly Waffle Mania Wednesday Breakfast!

GCHS plans to host a waffle breakfast open to the community one Wednesday per month. Waffle Mania Wednesday will be a full-fledged waffle bar loaded with special toppings and home-made waffles. There will be no charge, but donations will be accepted and appreciated. All proceeds will go towards the Long Term Care operations and activities.

The idea for Waffle Mania Wednesday started with current resident, Marj Hornbaker, who wanted to donate a waffle maker to the LTC so that she and her fellow residents could have morning waffles. So every Friday, the staff made waffles for Marj and the rest of the residents. Pretty soon hospital patients were requesting waffles on Fridays, and the waffle mania spread through the facility. The LTC residents would like to share their morning waffles with the rest of the community, and so, Waffle Mania Wednesday was born.

“The LTC staff and residents are excited to begin the Waffle Mania Wednesday tradition. This is the residents’ home, so if they would make waffles and invite friends over for breakfast before, we want them to be able to do that here too,” said Amy Baehler, LTC Director of Nursing.

GCHS would like to thank Brock Baber and Bill Haman for donating a second waffle maker to the Long Term Care, so that the residents could share this new opportunity with the rest of the community.

“Waffle Mania Wednesday has a purpose, we want to open our home to the rest of the community, and if waffles is the best way for our residents to share their home, waffles it will be,” Henry Garvin, Interim CEO, said.

For more information, please contact Amy Baehler, LTC Director of Nursing at 620-376-4225. Waffle Mania Wednesday is open to all community members that would like to come eat waffles with us!

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