Women's Health Week 2012


GCHS Recognizes Women’s Health

National Women’s Health Week 2012 is May 13-19th. Women’s Health Week is a weeklong health observance organized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Women’s Health Week tries to motivate women to make their own health a top priority. Women are encouraged to eat healthy, get active, get enough sleep, pay attention to their mental health, and avoid unhealthy behaviors such as smoking or not wearing seatbelts. Finally, Women’s Health Week is designed to empower women to get their preventative health screenings done at their local health provider.

Women often serve as caregivers for their families, putting the needs of their spouses, partners, children, and parents before their own. As a result, women’s health and well-being becomes secondary. As a community, we have a responsibility to support the important women we know and do everything we can to help them take steps for longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Women can easily take charge of their health, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, a landmark health care reform law enacted in 2010. This law gives Americans greater choice and better control over their own health care and includes changes that are especially meaningful to women and their families. For instance, new plans cover vital preventive services, including mammograms, colon cancer screenings, and well-woman visits with no out-of-pocket costs. It also ensures women can see an OB-GYN without a referral. To learn more about the law and your health insurance options, visit HealthCare.gov.

If you are a woman, use Women’s Health Week, as a reason to visit your healthcare professional and get some screenings done to prevent serious problems and diseases including colon cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease.

Make it a Girl’s Day. Call and make an appointment with one of our women providers:

Greeley County Family Practice: (620) 376-4251
Dr. Scheffe, M.D.- Monday & Friday
Kathy Bangerter, ARNP- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Kari Cox, P.A.- Thursday & Friday

Wallace County Family Practice: (785) 852-4230
Dr. Scheffe, M.D.- Tuesday
Kim Dansel, P.A.- Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Kari Cox, P.A.- Monday & Wednesday
Eldonna Sylvia, A.R.N.P.- Tuesday
For more information on Women’s Health Week and preventative screenings for women, click on this Health Screening Tool.This tool can help you figure out what screenings you need to have done at your age. (Or take a look at the text version of this tool PDFin English(PDF, 133 KB) or PDFin Spanish(PDF, 281 KB)

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